Do you know about the OEM List electronic forum (aka Occ-Env-Med-L or the "used-to-be-Duke List"), now located at the University of North Carolina?

It's a dynamic, daily, e-mail discussion forum of occupational and environmental health topics. The OEM List virtual community is the largest and oldest (13+ years) mail list in occupational and environmental medicine and has immediate reach to over 3800+ addresses in 75 countries.

Discussion is continuous, dynamic and entertaining. It's also (well, almost always) on-topic, professional in content, and civil in tone due to the dutiful monitoring by Robb Campbell, MD, MPH and Katherine Kirkland, DrPH, MPH who took on moderating duties in 2018. Messages are not reviewed prior to posting but the authors of messages that are off topic or not professional in tone receive a private message from Robb or Kathy reminding them of the list's protocol.

Recent topics have included:

Weekly MMWR articles, a whole lot about COVID-19, telemedicine, announcements of webinars, and other topics.

Please accept this message as an invitation to join the discussion. The OEM List is a _free_ (yes, FREE) electronic mail forum coordinated from UNC's School of Public Health for occupational and environmental health worldwide.  These readers are themselves a major source of funding for the forum, by voluntary contributions collected just once a year.

AOEC is the list's major contributor, regarding informational replies, stimulating queries and financial backing. AOEC clinical members were the forum's initial members, and still represent a large focus for the international dialog.

OEM-L's members are diverse across the spectrum of Occupational & Environmental Health.

Options for signing up for the list are based on what we have found subscribers prefer in volume of e-mail. They include: