Resource Library Guidelines

The Educational Resource Library is a resource which can be used by AOEC members and non-members. The materials we have gathered to date include PowerPoints, DVDs, peer reviewed modules, slides (both outlined talks and collections illustrating work processes, potential exposures, etc.), presentations, curriculum guides and other materials.

We are actively soliciting additional materials for the Educational Resource Library. If you are interested in developing materials for the library or if you would like to donate already developed materials please contact the AOEC office. The following rental guidelines are intended to help maximize the availability of the materials to all AOEC members:

1) Lending Library materials will be available to all individual and clinic AOEC members and under the following conditions:

materials are to be used for educational purposes only and listed authors should be acknowledged when materials are used.

PowerPoints, DVDs and slides (all converted to jpeg or equivalent at this time) may not be used for other purposes (i.e. brochures, books) without the express written consent of the donor

2) Materials can be requested by phone, mail, or fax, but we suggest audio-visual rental materials be requested by calling the AOEC office in order to check on availability.

3) If you plan to pay for the rental with a check from your institution, we request that you give us a purchase order number when placing your order.

4) In general, A-V materials will be loaned to AOEC members for 3 weeks including shipping time. Depending on availability, please call the AOEC office if you would like to extend your rental period.

5) The rental charges are designed to cover our shipping costs. The charges for A-V materials are as follows:

Powerpoint (per CD or DVD)

AOEC Members: $ 5.00
Non-Members: $10.00

6) Members will be billed for rental charges when we send the materials. Non-members are requested to pre-pay before shipment of educational materials.

You have the option to use your VISA / MasterCard to pay Library Fees (Click here and enter your calculated value)