Post-Graduate Training Opportunities in Occupational & Environmental Medicine

» Occupational & Environmental Medicine Residency List

The specialty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine is a unique and exciting field that encompasses many aspects of clinical medicine and public health.  Clinical work in the field calls on a breadth of medical knowledge to evaluate and treat a wide spectrum of medical conditions, including complex diseases and common injuries.  Residency training provides a range of skills in population and preventive medicine, epidemiology and disease surveillance, toxicology, biostatistics, and health services administration. Practicing occupational physicians are experts in legal aspects of medicine, such as evaluating causation, determining fitness for work, and applying health and safety regulations in the workplace.  They direct preventive programs that promote worker health and reduce workplace hazards. Their expertise as medical detectives is essential for investigating suspected clusters of work-related illness or outbreaks of environmental disease. Specialists in this field are often consulted by fellow practitioners, business leaders, and community organizations to assess occupational or environmental risks and to help interpret scientific evidence. At the core of all these activities, specialists in Occupational and Environmental Medicine are the public health officers of the workplace, championing the health and safety of workers, communities, and environments.  

The Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) recognized residency programs in Occupational Medicine are listed on this web site.  The web site is updated quarterly (last update June 2018).

» Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) through NIOSH

While most of the publicity for the EIS deals with their infectious disease work, there are great opportunities for occupational health professionals as well. EIS officers who choose to work with NIOSH can be involved in health hazard evaluations, surveillance, and epidemiologic field studies.

NIOSH currently has assignments for EIS officers in:

with the potential for travel to investigation sites throughout the US and occasionally abroad.

The program is open to physicians, dentists or RNs with MPH or equivalent degrees, professionals with doctoral-level degrees in health related fields (e.g. epidemiology, toxicology, biostatistics, etc.), and veterinarians with MPH or equivalent degrees.

These positions represent an excellent opportunity for those interested in pursuing an academic career. There is ample hands-on experience, as well as great potential for publication of findings from original public health and research investigations. Multiple opportunities also exist to work with colleagues in other government agencies such as EPA, DOE, OSHA, MSHA, and the state and local health departments. A number of EIS Officers have been able to obtain concurrent junior faculty appointments in NIOSH-affiliated university health sciences programs.

EIS Officers serve a two year assignment. The option is currently available for them to serve as either a member of Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service or as part of the federal civil service.

Application information can be found at the EIS web site at the CDC. For questions about the NIOSH programs, please contact Sally Brown, (EIS '97) at 303.236.5950

Occupational Medicine Residency Programs
Download the Residency Excel File (June, 2018)


Loma Linda University
Web Address:
Akbar Sharip, MD, MPH
Phone: 909-558-4918
FAX: 909-558-4087

Mailing Address
1516 Nichol Hall
Loma Linda, CA 92350

UC Irvine Center for Occupational and Environmental Health

Web Address

Alya Khan, MD, MPH
Phone: 949-824-8641
Fax: 949-824-2345

Mailing Address
Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
University of California at Irvine
5201 California Avenue, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92617


University of California-San Francisco
Paul Blanc, MD, MSPH
Robert Harrison, MD, MPH
Phone: 415-206-4279
Fax: 415-206-8949

Web Address

Mailing Address
Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
University of California at San Francisco
SFVAMC Box 0111
San Francisco, CA 94143



University of Colorado Denver School of Public Health

Web Address
Roxana Witter, MD, MSPH
Fax: 303-724-4620

Mailing Address
National Jewish Medical Health
Division of Environmental & Occupatinal Health Sciences  (D E O H S)
1400 Jackson Street
Denver, CO 80206


Yale Occupational Medicine Program

Web Address
Carrie Redlich, MD, MPH
Phone: 203-785-6434
Fax: 203-785-4197

Web Address

Mailing Address
Yale Occ. & Env. Medicine Program
135 College Street, Suite 392
New Haven, CT 06511 


University of South Florida
Thomas Truncale, MD, MPH
Phone: 813-974-6634
Fax: 813-974-4986

Web Address

Mailing Address
University of South Florida
College of Public Health
13201 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, MDC 56
Tampa, FL 33612


University of Illinois at Chicago
Daniel Bakston, MD, MPH
Phone: 312-996-5804
Fax: 312-413-8485

Web Address

Mailing Address
University of Illinois
Occupational & Environmental Medicine Program
835 South Wolcott, M/C 684
Chicago, IL 60612


University of Iowa
Fred Gerr, MD, MPH
Marlene Thompson
Phone: 319-335-4416
Fax: 319-384-4138

Web Address

Mailing Address
University of Iowa College of Public Health
100 IREH - Oakdale Campus
Iowa City, IA 52242-5000


University of Kentucky
Department of Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health
Susan E. Spengler, MD, MSPH, Program Director
Attn:  Deana Bellis, Program Coordinator,
111 Washington Ave., #220
Lexington, KY  40536-0003
Phone: 859-218-2100
Fax: 859-257-9862

Mailing Address
College of Public Health
111 Washington Ave., #220
Lexington KY 40536-0003


Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Brian Schwartz, MD, MS
Dottie Becraft

Web Address

Mailing Address
John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Occupational & Environmental Medicine Residency
615 N. Wolfe Street, Room WB602
Baltimore MD 21205
Phone: 410-955-3362
Fax: 410-614-1582

Uniformed Services Univ. of the Health Sciences

Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics
4301 Jones Bridge Road
Bethesda, MD 20814

Pam Krahl, MD, MPH   email
Phone: 301-295-3718
Fax: 301-295-0335

Associate Program Director
Andy Chern, MD, MPH    email
301-295-9773 Fax: 301-295-0335

Web Address

Mailing Address



Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Stefanos Kales, MD, MPH or
Ms. Ann Backus
Phone: 617-432-3327
Fax: 617-432-0219

Web Address

Mailing Address
Harvard School of Public Health
Occupational Health Program, Room I-1402
665 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115



HealthPartners-University of Minnesota
Paula Geiger at
Ralph S. Bovard, MD,
Phone: 651-293-8284
FAX: 651-293-8195

Mailing Address
Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency Program
HealthPartners St. Paul Clinic
205 S. Wabasha Street
St. Paul, MN 55107

Web Address medicine/index.html



Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Michael Pratt, MD, MPH
Phone 848-445-6093 (email inquiry preferred)
FAX  732-445-0130

Web Address

Mailing Address
University of Medicine & Dentistry: Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute
170 Frelinghuysen Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854


Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
John Meyer, MD, MPH

Phone: 212-824-7057
Fax: 212-824-2331

Web Address

Mailing Address
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Eileen Headley
Occupational & Environmental Medicine
1 Gustave Levy Place, Box 1043
New York, NY 10029


Duke University
Dennis Darcey MD, MSPH
Carol Epling, MD, MPH
Phone: 919-286-3232
Fax: 919-286-1021

Web Address

Mailing Address
Division of Occ. & Env. Medicine
Duke University Medical Center
Box 3834
Durham, NC 27710


University of Cincinnati Occupational Medicine
Andrew Freeman, MD, MS
Phone: 513-558-0038
Fax: 513-558-6272

Web Address 

Mailing Address
University of Cincinnati
Division of Occupational & Environmental Medicine,
Dept. of Environmental Health
160 Panzeca Way, ML 0056
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0056


University of Pennsylvania
Judith McKenzie, MD, MPH
Phone: 215-349-5708
Fax: 215-662-4430

Web Address

Mailing Address
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Occupational Medicine-Silverstein Pavilion
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283



Meharry Medical College
Heather O’Hara, MD, MPH
Phone: 615-327-6782
Fax: 615-327-6131

Web Address

Mailing Address
Occupational Medicine Residency Program
Dept. of Family and Community Medicine
1005 D.B. Todd Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37208


Texas Institute of Occupational Safety & Health
Dalia Nessim, MD, PhD, MPH
Phone: 903-877-5636
Fax: 903-877-5068

Web Address

Mailing Address
Texas Institute of Occupational Safety & Health
University of Texas Health Center at Tyler
11937 US Highway 271
Tyler, TX 75708-3154

LaShonda Malrey-Horne, MPH, MCHES
Program Coordinator
Phone:  903.877-5919
Fax: 903.877-5068

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Arch "Chip" Carson, MD, PhD
Phone: 713-500-9465
Fax: 713-500-9442

Web Address

Mailing Address
Occupational and Environmental Medicine Residency Program
1200 Pressler St., RAS-1020
Houston, TX 77030



University of Utah
Eric Wood, MD, MPH
Kevin Ostler
Phone: 801-581-3841
Fax: 801-585-3759

Web Address

Mailing Address
Rocky Mt. Ctr. for Occ.& Env. Health
University of Utah
391 Chipeta Way, Suite C
Salt Lake City, UT 84108


University of Washington
Debra Cherry, MD, MS

June Spector, MD, MPH
Phone: 206-744-9393
Fax: 206-744-9935

Web Address

Mailing Address
University of Washington Harborview Medical Center
Dept.of Medicine & Dept. of Environ. & Occup. Health Sciences
325 Ninth Ave., Box 359739
Seattle, WA 98104

US Army Occupational Medicine Residency Program
Madigan Army Medical Center
Gregory Martin, MD, MPH
Phone: 253-968-4487
Fax: 253-968-4483

Web Address

Mailing Address
US Army Occupational Medicine Residency Program
Madigan Army Medical Center
9920B East Hayes Street
Tacoma, WA 98431


West Virginia University
Chris Martin MD, MSc
Fax: 304-293-2629

Web Address

Mailing Address
Institute of Occ. & Env. Health
West Virginia University
3311 R.C. Byrd Drive, H.S.C., Box 9190
Morgantown, WV 26506



University of Alberta
Jeremy Beach MD, FRCP
Phone: 780-492-6291
Fax: 780-492-9677

Web Address

Mailing Address
Occupational and Environmental Medicine Clinic
Univ. of Alberta, Dept of Medicine
13-103 Clinical Sciences Building
Edmonton, AB Canada T6G 2G3


Université de Montréal Faculté de medicine
University of Montreal, Department of Medicine

Louis Patry, MD, FRCP, CSPQ, DEA
Phone: (514) 890-8000 ext 26373
Fax: (514) 412-7875

Web Address

Mailing address
Université de Montréal Faculté de medicine
C.P 6128, Succursale Centre-ville)
Montréal, PQ H3C 3J7


University of Toronto Occupational Medicine Residency
Aaron Thompson, MD, MPH, FRCPC
Phone: 416-864-5074 416-864-5421

Web Address

Mailing Address
St. Michael's Hospital, Dept of Occupational and Environmental Heath
30 Bond St. 4th Floor, Shuter Wing
Toronto, ON M5B 1W8