FAQ: Application Process

When is my application due?

Applications must be received by AOEC on February 16, 2018 by 11:59pm PST. All applications MUST be submitted online.

Letter(s) of recommendation can be uploaded with your application or emailed (ohip@aoec.org), faxed (202-347-4950) OR mailed to AOEC (1010 Vermont Ave, NW Ste. 513, Washington, DC  20005).

Where do I send my application? Can I apply online?  

All application materials except for the letter(s) of recommendation MUST be submitted online HERE. Application materials (except letter of recommendation) that are faxed, mailed or emailed will be rejected.

Letter(s) of recommendation can be sent separately or with the application form. If you do not submit it online, you can email (ohip@aoec.org), fax (202-347-4950), or mail to AOEC (1010 Vermont Ave, NW Ste. 513, Washington, DC 20005).

Applications will NOT be forwarded for review until all required materials are received.

What do I need to include with my application?

A complete application has four parts:

  1. Online Application Form 
    • Limit each response to a maximum of 200 words (or 1,500 characters).
  2. Resume must include:
    • Job experience
    • Previous internship(s) or volunteer work
  3. Reference Page: list of 3 references with email and/or phone contact information
  4. Letter of recommendation(s)
    • You must provide at least 1 letter or recommendation

How do I submit my resume? Letter(s) of recommendation?

At the end of the online application, there is a section for uploading your resume and letter(s) of recommendation.

Letters of recommendation can be submitted with the online application form, or sent separately via email: ohip@aoec.org; fax: 202-347-4950 or mail: AOEC (1010 Vermont Ave, NW Ste. 513, Washington, DC 20005). Applications will NOT be forwarded for review until ALL required materials are received.

Are there different application forms for undergraduate and graduate students?

No, all students use the same application form. See Eligibility section.

I haven’t had much paid work experience. Do I still need to submit a resume?

Yes, you can include any volunteer work, organizing experience, or campus student group membership on your resume.

If I am asked for an interview, do I need to do it in person?

Top candidates will be interviewed either in person or by phone.

When will I be notified if I have been accepted into the program?

All applicants will be notified regardless of whether they are accepted or not. Students accepted into the program will have one week to decide whether to accept the position. There may be delays in notifying students of final acceptance, based on the status of funding.

Do I get a chance to select the site to which I want to go or will I be assigned to a site?

On the application you will have the opportunity to rank the sites. Generally, selected students are placed at their first or second choice.