FAQ: General Questions

Is this a paid internship?

Yes, we provide undergraduates with a $4,000 stipend and graduate students receive a $5,200 stipend for the summer.

If I am a graduating senior, will I receive an undergraduate or graduate level stipend?

If you are a December 2017 or May 2018 graduate, you will receive an undergraduate stipend.  This also applies to students who have been accepted into graduate school for Fall 2018.

Are stipends paid all at once?

No, the stipends are disbursed in four equal payments on a semi-monthly basis (the 15th and 30th of each month). The last payment is paid when the final project is submitted.

Where are the OHIP sites (training centers)?

Our core sites are in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Boston will not be a site in 2018. From year to year, additional sites may become available and sites may change depending on funding. There may be additional sites announced for Summer 2018.

Are there other OHIP sites?

Sometimes, we will receive funding for a new site after the application process has started. We will inform applicants of the opportunity as soon as we learn about it.

Does the internship provide housing?

No. We hope that the stipend we provide will help interns cover the cost of housing.

Do I have to attend the OHIP Orientation?


Do I have to pay to attend the OHIP Orientation?

No. OHIP will cover your transportation and lodging expenses.

Does the internship provide transportation to the OHIP sites?

No. However, OHIP will cover your travel to the orientation.