FAQ: Project Details

Where will I work?

The location of office space for each team is arranged by OHIP staff on a case by case basis. Students are responsible for their own transportation to their assigned office space during work days. (Some projects may require access to a car to visit worksites not accessible by mass transit.)

When and where is the student orientation?

All OHIP interns are required to attend a three day orientation June 18-20, 2019, in Los Angeles, California so all students can meet each other and receive the same training. Students who will be doing their internship outside Los Angeles will be provided lodging and given travel stipends to attend the orientation. Students who will be doing their internship in Los Angeles will be reimbursed for local travel to attend the orientation.

What kinds of projects will I work on?

We are in the process of identifying potential projects for the upcoming summer. The final selection usually occurs after the applications are due (February 15, 2019) – in part because we try to match projects to our strongest candidates, and to make sure that we can meet the needs of projects that require a second language.

See Projects for a descriptions of projects from past and most recent years.

How will interns be matched to their projects?

Interns will be matched to projects based on specific technical skills or languages needed as well as expressed areas of interest. Most teams will include students from different disciplines, combining graduate and undergraduate students.

What will I be expected to do to complete the internship?

Each team is required to provide the following final products at the end of the internship:

  1. “give-back” product  to the workers and their assigned union/worker organization that each team will determine is most useful.  Some examples are:
    • Developing and disseminating information for workers on hazards using fact sheets, laminated wallet cards, posters, audio CDs, training materials, and other forms of educational materials
    • Conducting training sessions to groups of workers on hazards
    • Presenting your findings and recommendation to the worksite organization’s executive board or staff
    • Preparing a detailed report to the leadership of the worksite organization

    Examples of  “give-back” products can be viewed in the Projects section.

  2. A PowerPoint presentation about the interns’ projects, to share with the other interns, NIOSH and other funding agencies, OHIP Board members and supporters at the end of the summer. Each team will present their projects at a designated web-conference site.
  3. A final summary report for OHIP on what you did and learned, with an abstract. The report is due on August 16 (last day of OHIP).

Interns will receive their final stipend disbursement after all final products are turned in and approved.