Former Interns

Since 2004, OHIP has been committed to training, mentoring, and inspiring a new generation of occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals. Evidence of this can be seen through our alumni who are currently making an impact on OSH through their research, teaching, and patient care.

Many former OHIP interns have gone on to work in health and safety at different worker agencies and organizations and credit their OHIP experience as having an influence on their academic and career paths.

See results from a 2015 survey that evaluated the impact of OHIP on former interns.

In The Words of Alumni:

  • Although my interest have changed greatly since my undergrad years, when I interned for OHIP, I still believe the program played a critical role in where I am today. The internship exposed me to data collection, surveying, and conducting interviews with both management and workers, and using the results to find associations between exposure and health outcomes. And that essentially is what epidemiology is and what I love about public health. If I hadn’t interned with OHIP, I never would’ve had the opportunity to meet such incredible people.” – Celeste Wong (OHIP 2007)
  • Overall, I continue to work on health and safety in the community, thanks to the road that the OHIP experience helped me find.” – Nancy Zuniga (OHIP 2009)
  • I cannot even begin to tell you the myriad of ways that OHIP has impacted my life. The hands on experience, the many opportunities my mentors gave me to engage in all aspects of my host organization have continued to assist me time and time again in gaining interviews, internships, volunteer positions, my application for the Peace Corps, and more. I am able to relate to my public health classes with personal real world experiences. I might not have gone on to pursue my MPH if it weren’t for OHIP. My mentors continue to give me advice and recommendations whenever I need it. They are amazing and fantastic people that I will treasure forever.” – Melia Haile (OHIP 2012)
  • I am still very grateful for the experience I had through OHIP because it has provided me with a great new perspective and I am continuing to explore it as an academic interest now and a professional interest for the future.” – Carmen Isabel Martinez (OHIP 2012)
  • My OHIP experience led me to my current position working at LOHP of UC Berkeley! I want to thank everyone for providing me with an incredible OHIP experience, which has opened the doors for me to delve further into the field and continue working on behalf of workers.” – Jacob Delbridge (OHIP 2012)