Since its founding in 1987, AOEC has been a leader in fostering high-quality, independent, patient-oriented clinical services for people with work or environmentally related health problems.  AOEC member clinics meet rigorous criteria to ensure that patients receive the best care in a respectful, collaborative environment.  AOEC clinics adhere to AOEC’s Patient Bill of Rights.

Because of their recognized high quality, AOEC full clinic members are listed as a source for referrals by many government agencies, unions, and advocacy groups.  AOEC clinics have the opportunity to conduct collaborative research, to develop new training and educational materials, to participate in shared databases, and to take advantage of the network in creative ways to advance occupational and environmental health and safety.

AOEC provides its membership with up-to-date information on occupational and environmental (OEH) legislative and regulatory topics, job postings, educational activities, and research opportunities through its website and monthly newsletter.  AOEC develops and sponsors educational materials and webinars that are either free or discounted for AOEC members. AOEC has sponsored the OEM-List since 1994.

Through the Occupational Health Internship Program (OHIP), AOEC provides a unique field training experience to strengthen the OESH pipeline nationwide.

AOEC prides itself on its advocacy for workers, communities and individuals exposed to occupational and environmental hazards.  AOEC weighs in on many key issues through letters, expert testimonies at public hearings, and by “spreading the word” to our clinics and individual members.