OEM-List is a dynamic, daily e-mail discussion forum of occupational and environmental health topics, sponsored by AOEC and located at the University of North Carolina.  Launched over 20 years ago by Dr. Gary Greenberg at Duke University, the OEM-List virtual community is the largest and oldest mail list in occupational and environmental health and has immediate reach to over 3,800 addresses in 75 countries. Topics change daily and can range from clinical issues, such as return to work after COVID-19 or patient exposure to PFAS, to telemedicine, to updates on spirometry training. Once a week, reports of interest to OEM-List members from CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Review (MMWR) are posted to all members.  


Send a blank email to kkirkland@aoec.org  with the subject line “subscribe”.  Please include your name and credentials (e.g. MD, DO, RN, NP, PA, IH) and which sign-up option you prefer.  Options for signing up for the list are based on what we have found subscribers prefer in volume of e-mail. They include:

  • Standard sign up for all messages: This option is the easiest for responding to messages. However, there are about 150 messages per month, which, although very worthwhile reading (and easily deleted), can prove a bit daunting!
  • Digest:  Sign up for the digest provides a subscription that combines a day’s messages into a single mail package, for easy reading. However, it can be challenging to send replies or forward individual messages.
  • Announcements only: Sign up for JUST the announcement messages (not the discussion among the readers).
  • Designate an OEM-List reader in your group (your practice, your department, your group of close colleagues) to forward only the most pertinent messages among yourselves.

Once you have subscribed, you can post to OEM-List through this email address: Occ-Env-Med-L@listserv.unc.edu  Use a good subject line and be sure to identify yourself & any potential conflicts of interest. Attachments are prohibited, so put your content into the message itself. Please avoid excessive abbreviations.

You do not have to subscribe to see recent posts.  These can be viewed at:  https://lists.unc.edu/read/?forum=occ-env-med-l But remember that only subscribers can post to the forum actively and engage in the topics of the day.


The OEM-List is a free electronic mail forum coordinated from UNC’s School of Public Health for occupational and environmental health worldwide.  AOEC is the list’s major contributor.  The National Association of Occupational Health Professionals (NAOHP) also provides funding for the OEM-List. Twice a year, we put out a plea for funds to OEM-list members.  Contributions are voluntary and not mandatory to participate.  OEM-List readers are a major source of funding for the OEM-List through voluntary contributions.  

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For questions about OEM-List, contact Katherine Kirkland at kkirkland@aoec.org